is a healthy question towards wanting more moments of bliss and happiness in our lives.

But what is serving?

Is it possible to serve others if we don’t serve ourselves in a healthy way?

Healthy as in being authentic and sincere towards ourselves, about everything we do and how we do it.

Since we are all projecting our own stuff onto eachother, in what way can we realy serve one-another?

The way to serve ourselves is through following our bliss.

To be aware of the moments we feel at ease and quiet inside and knowing how that comes.

Most of us need a practice, like meditation and/or prayer to get to that place of intimate connection.

The feeling that we are all part of something that is way bigger then us.

Connecting with our soul on a daily basis, will support the way we are capable of serving ourselves.

So breathing consciously, loving art in all it’s different forms, moving the body, observing and helping animals and people, eating healthy food and doing things slowly, all contribute to this connection.

This is how we serve, by choosing to create a life where we have time on our side, in order to have space to go within.