Join me in the mountains in Spain from 27th of mai till 3rd of June
This little adventure is not like a normal yoga retreat where you “do” yoga and hike.
We will focus this week on letting go of patterns in our lives that don’t serve us anymore.
By becoming aware of how we are programmed by our parents, school and society to behave and be productive, we can catch ourselves when saying: “that’s just the way i was brought up….”

Awareness is what will liberate us in the mind, but also in the physical body we will release this shit, since our body is a library of all we have experienced.
The result is a freed up space which we can start filling up, when we get back, with qualities that we choose according to where we stand in this moment in our lives.
After my education and experience in learning and teaching vinyasa and power yoga (based on the Ashtanga-system) during 13 years, I got a diploma in Yoga Psyche Soul from Ashley Turner.

I repeated this intense education for 4 years and after that I went to the Himalaya’s to get my certificate with Kia Miller in teaching Kundalini Yoga.
I have 17 years of experience sharing yoga with soulful people and am proud to take some of you into the place of the roots of my own evolution.
The combination of physical yoga or Asana, with breath work and Kria’s and knowledge of the workings of the mind greatly based on the insights of Carl Jung, have enriched my way of sharing tools and insights, in a profound way.

Happy to welcome you on this journey
If you want to see more of the place: