Set the Heart Free

One beautiful morning Spring 2022, I fell in love with a guy called Malte Martin.
He was pouring his heart out on a handpan, in a YouTube video.
I had heard the handpan before, but never could so clearly capture the soul of the human playing it…
One hour later I had inscribed myself to go on a retreat with him, in the mountains of Portugal.
The place he had chosen for this retreat was, again, a place I fell in love with… by incredible humans who are living their dream…

Loural is a village in transition to become not only autonomous, but mainly a place dedicated to the transmission of integrative therapies and of global permaculture. Several schools will be built here. The village is located in the heart of the Serra de Açor at an altitude of 500 m in the mountains. The nearest town is about 45 minutes away by car (Gois, Arganil). They are therefore well…. in the middle of nature… Wild… Untouched… Buzzing……Greeeenery….
If we want to become able to live, as much as possible, in Present Time; since that is THE place to be for a fulfilling life … we want to break free from certain habitual patterns that we have developed over the years, to protect ourselves.

Yoga practice is all about cleaning up and rewiring our system; so that access to: Connection in the Here and Now, is more available.

During our week together, we will become aware of some patterns that don’t serve us anymore and train our abdominal area (third Chakra), so that our heart feels safe enough to open up.

This week is for you if you would feel stuck, and you feel the need for clarity and reconnection to: your drive in life.

This drive in life, comes from an open heart and a connection to our soul.

our schedule for the week (no obligations)

7h-8h Morning Sadhana (mainly Kundalini Yoga)
8h-9h Tea and Fruit
9h-11h Dance and PowerYoga
12h-14h Brunch
17h-18h Yin
19h Dinner
Evenings Sharing Circles at Campfire

We arrive on the 8th and we leave on the 14th of July 2023…
That gives us 5 full days of retreat where we will indulge in:

Kundalini Yoga
Guided Nature walks and edible plants
Private Pool
Cold Plunges (with breathing sessions up front off course)
Delicious food: 2 vegetarian meals a day
Tree -planting session
Sound-healing Bath session
Cookingclass (optional)
Sharing circles
Massages (optional).

As a result of living this way for 5 days… you will probably:

notice your resistance, which will show you the areas where you want to shift habits
Feel into what is missing in your life
Become clearer about what you really want to go for
Feel physically stronger
Get inspired about your dieet
Live and interact from a place filled with Love, Gratitude and Acceptance

You can get to know me and my work via my

Website Loural:

The price for the whole retreat is 750,- including:
Delicious Food
3 long classes per day
Use of all facilities

You will sleep in a Yourt or in a big Tippie or Marokkan tent (see website of Loural) with a fully equipped toiletry and showers inside an outside nicely build cabin

If you want to go a little more luxurious, you pay 950,- and you have a room in a proper house with proper shared bathroom (only 6 places)

Can’t wait who I will have the privilege to work with … 🙏
There is space for 20 people …