Without curiosity life becomes boring and dull.

The nice thing is that curiosity can go


It’s so vast….

Cultivating curiosity keeps us excited for living a rich and fullfilled life.

If we are curious we are sharp.

We are engaged…. We are connected….

The domain of our curiosity is depending on our life-circumstances and experiences, which change all the time…

What I notice in me is that I have natural area’s of interest and on the other hand I try to cultivate curiosity about things that serve me.

Like wanting to know how my body works…. Wanting to know how my re-active mind works and being more and more connected to the moment itself with everything that that has to offer.

Depression is a disease in which one looses all interest… all curiosity… it’s a little like dying….because there is no more interest, no more curiosity, no area in which you want to put your attention.

In fact there is no attention.

The mind is completely captivated by itself, believing itself completely and the witness is no more around.

Mindfullness is a method to come back to this curiosity, using the body and breath to pull you out of the obsessions of the mind and into the present moment….

Therefore creating space between the fluctuations of the mind and the actual things going on in the moment…..

The main reason why we have this feeling that time is flying; is because we are not present, not curious about what is happening in the moment itself, because the moment itself is here all the time!

And so the scarecityfactor is not there so we are “spoiled with time” …..Isn’t that a big joke… realizing that we have the idea of not having time enough….

We can be curious in the moment about the sounds we hear, about the state of our body, about where in the body we breath, about what’s going on in our never-ending babbling mind and about where our attention itself goes out to.

If we are with other people, we can be curious about all the information we get from them, about the way they look, the way they talk, use their voice, what they choose about what objects they lay their eyes on, the subjects they pick to talk about… the list can be endless…..

So curiosity for me, is…. a capacity to be cultivated…. to be stimulated and treasured every day….. hour to hour…..moment to moment.

The more I connect…. The more I’m at ease… and the richer I feel….

Open for the mystery of life unfolding….

When we get curious we step out of our old fear based reactive patterns. And we step into being….