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Stress, muscle aches and back pain are ailments all too frequently present in our modern life. Longer working hours, poor sitting posture, lack of exercise and a whole host of causes contribute to these complaints.

The benefits of yoga are many. Yoga helps to alleviate these problems by introducing proper alignment of the body and creating an alpha-state in the mind by breathing consciously.

However due to busy professional and personal schedules, company employees may not have the time to partake in regular yoga classes.

Rather than having to leave the office environment to get to a yoga class, Balans Yoga proposes to bring yoga to you! This way you know that yoga can be part of your weekly routine and you are leading a positive lifestyle.

On an individual level I have worked with Coca Cola, BDM Antwerpen, the European Commission and other large organisations. The feedback I have received from company participants has been extremely positive. They like my open approach towards physical movement, and the fact that I combine simple body work that nourishes the soul. People feel like they regain their energy both physically and mentally. I am not surprised to hear this sort of feedback as the radiating and glowing faces after each session said it all. The time they were allowed to focus on themselves was priceless.


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A customised program can be implemented for your company based on the number of participants and available space. This is usually achieved during an initial meeting where we can discuss these details face to face.

So bring yoga into your company and help build that delicate balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit. There are so many benefits:

  • Reduce stress, tension and anxiety in both professionally and personally.
  • Improve moral, stamina & performance
  • Increase concentration, efficiency & confidence
  • Improve overall health which reduces the frequency of absences from work
  • Improve posture which helps in reducing muscle tension and pain due to long hours in the same position
  • Foster closer relationship between colleagues and clients
  • Energise the body and mind by rejuvenating the whole being
  • Burn out prevention

In addition, the breathing, concentration and relaxation exercises have a positive impact on blood pressure, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety, and burn-outs.


Practical Information for companies - download [PDF]


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If you would like more information or to discuss your companies needs please feel free to contact me.


I come because I feel in one piece again after Anke’s yoga session. Even when I am exhausted, when my body aches, it uplifts my energy and spirits, opens my heart to gratitude while soothing any other issue… That is why I also feel a form of unconditional love from her to us… It is a great comfort and quite special… Thank you

Patricia B.
27th January 2017