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Establishing a relationship with one’s self

20th February 2018

Relating to your self, on the deepest level, is what makes us rich as human beings, because it gives us the biggest possibility to cultivating a deep relationship with others.

Since good feelings depend on how we relate to ourselves and externally to people, situations and things, the best we can do to influence this currency is to look and feel internally to give us the context we seek.

We want to know how things align with our own unique system of personality-structure so that we can create a life filled with love and inspiration.

My personal Sadhana is my anchor in life.

It grounds me, gives me stability, keeps me connected and makes me feel safe in this crazy world.

If you experience stress, uneasiness, feel lost, hopeless or just sad, i highly recommend crafting your personal Sadhana to work with on a daily basis.

You will show your unconscious mind that you are worth taking care of. Out of this radical act of self love, things will slowly unfold without you even realizing it.

Self-worth, self-respect, freedom from our daily addictions and space help us to really see and meet others as they are. These are just a few of the benefits of practicing your daily Sadhana.

Intrigued? Want to get to know your personal Sadhana?

Come to my workshop this Sunday 25th of February 2018 in beautiful Longueville, and discover your personal toolbox so you experience more freedom in this magical journey called life.







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