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Yoga courses offered in Brussels, Genval, Rixensart, Rosiére & Wavre, Belgium

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As an experienced yoga teacher my goal is to take you on a journey. A journey deep within yourself. A journey that brings you peace of mind and a renewed lust for life.

Coming from an unstable family-situation I was pushed for an inner search for truth from a very young age. At the age of 16 I broke my back and my parents got divorced.

This awoke the rebel in me and inspired me to make decisions that took me down various pathways and exciting destinations around the world.

The gratitude this brought to my life stimulated me to to take the ultimate journey inwards. This personal journey has brought me a peace of mind and existence I only once dreamed of…

And off course life keeps going up and down, as life always does to everybody, but there is a deep solid base inside, thanks to my practice (or personal Sadhana) and tools i use to live the connection with spirit and self or Atman.


My Vision & Inspiration


If you are feeling a lack of enthusiasm; feeling “heavy"; or stressed as many of us do, realise that these states of being are a result of unconscious decisions we choose to apply towards our approach towards life.

The way we see, hear, feel things is based on our belief system which ultimately determines how we feel about ourselves and life in general.

Yoga and Meditation are (in my beliefsystem 😉 ) the best tools for changing the way we see and experience life.

Today, I give yoga classes in and around Brussels and Wavre in the Brabant Wallon. I am educated in many different schools of yoga which provides me with a vast and rewarding toolbox to work with, and allows me to vary my yoga sessions from week to week. Whether in a group or individual yoga class, my first task is to always assess the energy levels and state of mind of those with me. Based on what I observe and feel, I am able to construct a yoga session that nourishes the participants with what they are lacking or in need of.

I am a certified Yoga and Pilates teacher as well as a qualified phytotherapist, Fitness-instructor, Shiatsu and chair massage therapist.

I have studied in Holland, Belgium and Thailand where I received the “World Alliance Diploma for Teaching Yoga”.

I have accumulated more than 14 years’ of experience teaching yoga to individuals and groups, in (sports) companies, yoga schools and private homes.

I recently finished a Jungian-based Teacher Training Yoga Psychology study from Ashley Turner, which has given me yet more tools to assess the psyche using eastern methods.

What Others Say

I come because I feel in one piece again after Anke’s yoga session. Even when I am exhausted, when my body aches, it uplifts my energy and spirits, opens my heart to gratitude while soothing any other issue… That is why I also feel a form of unconditional love from her to us… It is a great comfort and quite special… Thank you

Patricia B.
27th January 2017