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Yoga courses offered in Brussels, Genval, Rixensart, Rosiére & Wavre, Belgium

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A typical yoga class would start with liberating the energy we bring with us into the room. By moving, jumping and shaking our bodies we are able to release the tensions and pent up energy from the day. This allows our bodies to relax and let go, allowing us focus inwards.

Digging into the vast toolbox, any combination of following yoga styles are used during a typical class.

  • PowerYoga- a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to yoga with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.
  • Vinyasa-flow Yoga- where breath is linked to movement. Because we link breathing and movement, it can become a meditative experience.
  • AshtangaYoga together with IyengarYoga are 2 of the most traditional-based yoga styles. AsthangaYoga focuses more on breathing while moving. While Iyengar puts more emphasis on aligning your posture. Both are equally important.
  • YinYoga-  opens up the body and mind, like no other yoga style can, because we stay for 4 to 5 min in one pose.

We always end in Shavasana or corps pose, to let the body integrate the openings created during the session and to let the mind experience the sensations of extacy. Context decides if meditation is appropriate at the end of class.

The three main goals for all my classes are:

  1. creating stronger muscles and opening up the body
  2. becoming more aware of our sensations
  3. becoming more aware of our thoughts

We will dive deeper into the other limbs of yoga during my workshops/weekends/retreats.

All my classes are given in english, french and dutch.

There are no classes during school holidays.

Payment is per term
You can pay for once or twice a week per term.
If you come once a week it is €12,- per class. If you come twice a week you pay €10,- per class.
Yoga will have more effect on your life when practicing twice a week.
Payment is in advance and is non refundable. (except in case of an accident)
Thank you for sending me an email to reserve your weekly spot in the yogaspace 😊



Interested in attending any of the above classes or having your own?

If you would like to benefit from a complimentary yoga class please feel free to contact me to agree a convenient place and time. Equally if you would like to create or join a group session please get in touch


What Others Say

I come because I feel in one piece again after Anke’s yoga session. Even when I am exhausted, when my body aches, it uplifts my energy and spirits, opens my heart to gratitude while soothing any other issue… That is why I also feel a form of unconditional love from her to us… It is a great comfort and quite special… Thank you

Patricia B.
27th January 2017