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Dernières nouvelles de Anke

Establishing a Relationship with one’s selfFebruary 27, 2018

Relating to your self, on the deepest level, is what makes us rich as human beings, because it gives us the biggest possibility to relate to others. Since good feelings depend on how we relate to ourselves and externally to people, situations and things, the best we can do to influence this currency is to look and feel internally to give us the context we seek. We want to know how things align with our…

How can i serveJune 12, 2017

How can I serve is a healthy question towards wanting more moments of bliss and happiness in our lives. But what is serving? Is it possible to serve others if we don’t serve ourselves in a healthy way? Healthy as in being authentic and sincere towards ourselves, about everything we do and how we do it. Since we are all projecting our own stuff onto eachother, in what way can we realy serve one-another? The…

Face to Face with FearApril 20, 2017

Have you ever felt betrayed, left out, abandoned, worthless, or just small and insignificant….? I know I have many times in my life. These uneasy feelings were the reason for my quest to find the source and hopefully the cure to a life free of these feelings. Thankfully, a book called “Face to Face with Fear” from Dr. Thomas Trobe, M.D. entered my life when I was 22. Without the help of this book I would not…