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Latest From Anke

Face to Face with FearApril 20, 2017

Have you ever felt betrayed, left out, abandoned, worthless, or just small and insignificant….? I know I have many times in my life. These uneasy feelings were the reason for my quest to find the source and hopefully the cure to a life free of these feelings. Thankfully, a book called “Face to Face with Fear” from Dr. Thomas Trobe, M.D. entered my life when I was 22. Without the help of this book I would not…

CuriosityFebruary 17, 2017

Being curious for me is the fuel for living a thriving life. Without curiosity life becomes boring and dull. The nice thing is that curiosity can go EVERYWHERE …. It’s so vast…. Cultivating curiosity keeps us excited for living a rich and fullfilled life. If we are curious we are sharp. We are engaged…. We are connected…. The domain of our curiosity is depending on our life-circumstances and experiences, which change all the time… What…

Does Yoga make life easier?February 4, 2017

In the winter of 2010 I did a retreat with David Swenson, a direct student of Mr Pattabhi Joice. One of his expressions that stuck with me was: “Yoga just makes life easier”. An expression that made me think, as yoga requires a certain discipline and I did not assume that it is something that makes your life easier. Arriving at the point of freedom versus discipline. When is a human being free? What does it…